Peoples Commercial Checking Account

This account is designed for businesses with a large number of deposits or checks written each month.

  • The minimum opening balance is $100.00
  • The monthly maintenance fee is $5.00 plus $0.10 for each credit, check paid or ACH debit.
  • There is a $0.07 charge for each check deposited that is drawn on a bank other than the Peoples State Bank.
  • The charge for each check deposited drawn on this bank is $0.04.
  • There is no charge for a returned check that has been deposited, or a re-deposited return item.
  • The Wire Transfer charge for funds wired out of the bank is $12.00. There is no charge for incoming wires.
  • The charge for ACH credits is $0.04 each.
  • The schedule of other charges is detailed elsewhere on this brochure.
  • An earnings credit, based on the average monthly balance, less 10% for reserve requirements, will be applied against the monthly service charge.
  • Cash management services are negotiated on an account by account basis, depending on the cash services used by the customer.
  • Monthly statements are normally issued as of the end of the month, unless otherwise requested.
  • Electronic Check Images are returned with your monthly statement.
  • Free Internet Banking.

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