Internet Banking Enhanced Security

Beginning Monday, May 4th, 2009, Peoples State Bank Internet Banking customers will notice a change to our login page.

If you use Internet Banking, the first time you log in on or after May 4th, 2009, you will be prompted to enter additional security information which, in conjunction with their Access ID and Password, will be used to help foil hackers and identity thieves. 

The process is quick and easy...

After logging in, you will be taken to a page where you will be asked to fill in some additional information. 

First, we will assign you a random picture. This picture will be displayed on your login page every time you log in.

Second, we will ask you to enter a “Pass Phrase”. This phrase is something you will make up and is unique to you. Do not use your password or other private information for this phrase. The phrase will also be displayed on your login page each time you login. (A favorite quote or saying is ideal, though you may enter anything you like).

Third, we will ask you to select three security questions and provide your answers. These questions will be used to verify your identity should you log on from an unregistered computer.

And fourth, you will be asked whether or not to register your computer. If you do so, you will only need to enter your Access ID and Password to log in. Otherwise, you will also be prompted to answer one of the above security questions.

If you do not like the picture assigned to you or would like to change your pass phrase or security questions, you may do so after logging in by selecting “Options” from the menu.

That’s it.

Once set up, if you do not see your picture and pass phrase when prompted for your password, you should contact us. You may have been hijacked to a fraudulent site.

Additionally, if your Access ID and Password were to become compromised, the thief would still need access to one of your registered computers, or, be able to provide the answer to one of your security questions to get access to your accounts.

The Peoples State Bank is committed to protecting not only the financial assets you have entrusted to us, but also your personal private information.

If you have questions about this new safeguard please don’t hesitate to call our Bookkeeping Department at